Harnessing Transparent and Accurate
Blockchain Data

Cone has developed a suite of software products with the aim of becoming a universal platform for blockchain connectivity. As the adoption of blockchain technology continues to grow, so will the need for a standardized, user-friendly solution that enables traditional applications to leverage the power of blockchain—and Cone is at the forefront of solving that gap in the market.

To maximize its potential to integrate with multiple exchanges, blockchains, and smart contracts, Cone has built the following three products:


Our Pricing API is the single source of truth providing up to the second historical pricing information on cryptocurrencies. We support more than 15,000+ cryptocurrency pairs.


Our Exchange Connectivity API allows users to easily connect with cryptocurrency exchanges and get orderbook and trade data. We currently support 130+ exchanges which covers 90% of the trading volume.


Our Blockchain Connectivity API allows users to retrieve transaction data from any blockchain. We currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and Stellar and will be adding more blockchains on an ongoing basis.

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Why use the Cone blockchain API?


Our API is easy to integrate, and quick to set up.


The Cone database holds more than 40 TBs of raw and preprocessed market data, made available through the RESTful protocol.


An open algorithm marketplace that yields actionable insights on both cryptocurrency markets and blockchain-backed networks.


Powerful, yet lightweight crash reporting that quickly fixes all issues.


Accurate and reliable data from more than 130 cryptocurrency exchanges.


The world’s most popular and liquid cryptocurrencies are supported through Cone, including: Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, and more.