Exchange Connectivity

  • Fast, reliable and unified data APIs to cryptocurrency markets
  • Support of major world blockchain exchanges
  • High-level security for all system transactions

Connect with any exchange using our
easy to use API

Our Exchange Connectivity API allows users to easily connect with cryptocurrency exchanges to gather data that can prove highly advantageous for investors. This API empowers investors to retrieve trade/order book data from a variety of exchanges (more than 95 exchanges and counting, to be exact). In addition to saving users time and hassle versus manual alternatives, our solution boasts detailed and robust data, giving investors valuable insights at their fingertips.

Featuring tick-by-tick information, our Exchange Connectivity product highlights current and historical trades for all currency pairs.

To further enlighten investors, this API facilitates current and historical order book retrieval, offering users unparalleled insight into supply and demand forces in the market.

Not only can our API help users retrieve key market data, but it also allows for the collection of individual user transactions. Covering 2,000+ assets and 11,000+ symbols, Cone lets you get data for individual user accounts across different exchanges. Moreover, our Enhanced Categorization functionalities record and analyze data to accurately classify every transaction. Cone’s auto-categorization matches transactions with predefined keywords that are regularly updated to identify which category a given transaction should fall under.

Retrieve trade
orderbook data

Current and historical Trades. consists of full historical trade data for all covered currency pairs, on all exchanges. It contains tick-by-tick information. Current and historical Order Book . order books represent the interests of buyers and sellers,

Get individual user

Cone’s core API is a modern RESTful API that offers a simple and secure way for developers to access the data platform. Our API services provide an intuitive integration architecture with reduced code requirements allowing for speed of integration.


We collect and analyze data to accurately classify each transaction . Cone auto-categorizes all transactions and matched with predefined keywords to determine which category the transaction falls under.

All Exchanges in one place

Connect any supported cryptocurrency you want, from Bitcoin to Ethereum, Ripple, Pantos, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA,
Litecoin, Komodo, EOS, Dash, OmiseGO, Augur & Manymore

All data is available for







Scalable Connectivity

Modular, extensible design allows for truly scalable integrations with current and next-generations platforms and services.

  • Advanced, flexible integration with outside services for banking, payments, settlement, authentication, KYC/AML, market data, et al.
  • Supports 200+ national currencies, 20+ digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and bespoke products
  • Integrates with AlphaPoint Remarketer for automated market making

User Trading Data

Our extensive trade data provides raw tick-by-tick analysis as well as OHLC data for cryptocurrencies.

The Cone API is able to fetch user executed transaction data from more than 130 cryptocurrency exchanges. Our API has extensive support for portfolio trading strategies such as backtesting as well as research, analysis and visualization of historical trades. Cone’s exchange trade data can provide valuable information on individual user trades, specific crypto pairs, or the exchange in general.