Crypto Pricing

  • One of the world’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency pricing repositories.
  • Access to 130+ cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Data from more than 15,000+ cryptocurrency pairs.

Accurate Pricing Data

Cryptocurrencies are prone to extreme price volatility and it is often difficult to uncover granular and aggregate pricing data. Through our industry-leading API, Cone gives developers unparalleled access to accurate historical cryptocurrency pricing data that dates back to 2012.

Exchange Data

Find both current and historical trading activity on over 130 cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto Asset Data

Track historical granular pricing data for more than 15,000 cryptocurrency pairs.

Real-Time Price Alerts

Customized cryptocurrency price alerts to streamline your trading.

Trusted, accurate cryptocurrency pricing data at your fingertips.

Contact us to today to set up a demo and learn how you can benefit from up-to-the-second, accurate historical crypto pricing data.

Top quality cryptocurrency pricing data

Conveniently monitor cryptocurrency prices. Whether you’re a professional crypto trader or just getting started—it’s imperative that you have access to accurate cryptocurrency pricing data in order to properly monitor real-time prices and manage your portfolio.

API Documentation

Our mission is to provide developers with access to unparalleled cryptocurrency pricing data. We gather our accurate and reliable information from more than 130 cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cone’s innovative API documentation is available to the public for download. Click on the download link below to learn more.