Blockchain Connectivity

  • Fast and reliable API that allows users to easily connect to the blockchain of their choosing.
  • Access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and Stellar—with more coming soon.
  • Highly-secure and accurate data retrieval.

Rich Integrations with Blockchain

The Cone Blockchain API functions as a collection of service points that help developers integrate blockchain applications with centralized applications, thereby enabling the sharing of business processes and data with other organizations.

Our blockchain API provides the infrastructure for business applications to easily integrate with blockchain technology, which allows developers to focus on creating business logic.

With the Cone Blockchain Connectivity API, users have the ability to connect to and retrieve data from any desired blockchain. Currently, we support Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and Stellar. We will continually add additional blockchains to our offering.

The Cone Blockchain Connectivity API also boasts an industry-first webhook push notification feature, enabling a wealth of potential use cases for mobile wallet apps.

Rapid Integration

With our REST interface, it’s quick and easy to connect and interact with blockchain technology.

Smart Contract Integration

Our rich set of webhooks provide users with seamless integration and unparalleled access to smart contract data.

Built-in Fault Tolerance

Our API helps you protect your application from unexpected failures and downtime with inbuilt redundancy.

Harness the Power of our Blockchain API

Connect to some of the world’s leading blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and Stellar.


Fetch and integrate with cryptocurrency transaction data from the Bitcoin blockchain.


Integrate and fetch data from any Ethereum smart contract.


Integrate and fetch data from any NEO smart contract.


Integrate and fetch data from any Stellar smart contract.

Start building Next-generation of Apps

It is often complicated and time-consuming to integrate blockchain technology with centralized applications. Developers typically need to learn new coding languages, platforms and structures. The Cone Blockchain API simplifies blockchain integration with simple REST and JSON RPC interfaces that seamlessly connect with the world’s leading blockchains.

Reduced Complexity and Cost

The creation and maintenance of a blockchain-based application is a costly endeavor. The issue lies primarily in the fact that blockchain is a nascent technology, which makes it difficult to find high-quality consultants and developers.

At Cone, we use a proprietary middleware data platform that mitigates the costs and complexities surrounding blockchain integration, and allows developers to focus on building applications in the coding language of their choice.