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The Blockchain Revolution Needs More Developers.

Blockchain is an exciting concept however, we have not seen faster real-world adoption for two reasons: Companies that recognize the cost-effectiveness of blockchain or that already have a use case for it may run into problems when faced with the prospect of moving their application from a centralized infrastructure to the blockchain. First, we don’t have an easy way to connect existing applications to this new world of decentralized blockchain; and second, there aren’t enough developers that can understand and operate with blockchain. Cone which makes it easy for existing applications to access high-quality data consolidated across exchanges, wallets and integrate with blockchains. This allows applications originally developed for use within centralized infrastructure to instantly become “Blockchain Aware” or BaApps.

Blockchain will
help connect us
seamlessly from
our homes and offices to cities
and vehicles.

Renzo Costarella

Business Development at Cone.io

Bridging Centralized and
Decentralized Worlds

Our unique perspective allows us to build the right infrastructure solutions for connecting the centralize and decentralized world.

Create the future of BaApps

Cryptocurrency Trading

Leverage crypto exchange data and price/order history for backtesting strategies.

Loan Analysis

Use smart contracts to make intelligent decisions for loan approvals and secure loans.

Multi-Vertical Application

Frictionless supply chain management, healthcare, automated governance and more.

Personal Finance

Empower management of personal crypto holdings with support for different wallet types.

Peer-to-Peer Payments

Easily move money and pay for services across international boundaries.

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