Financial Inclusivity for All

The world is longing for financial inclusivity. Due to economic and geographical constraints, however, it’s proven difficult to provide comprehensive financial services to everyone around the globe. So, we decided to do something about it.

At Cone, we’re committed to providing alternative access to financial services for everyone—including the unbanked and underbanked.

With Blockchain-Aware Applications at your fingertips, our groundbreaking platform makes it simple for anyone, in any jurisdiction, to innovate and create the next generation of revolutionary technology.

We’re democratizing financial services through innovation. Using developer-friendly infrastructure and intelligent tools, Cone users have the ability to create groundbreaking products and solve significant problems.


A global platform:

To create a new ecosystem of “Blockchain Aware Applications” that use the Cone API.

An accessible customer experience

We want everyone to avail of our products, so we’re creating multi-tiered offerings with pricing options that work for everyone.

A sustainable solution

Our flexible and ever-expanding suite of products are designed for infinite scalability.

The future

We are constantly updating our technology and service offering to ensure a prosperous future.

Our Team

  • Michael Jonsson

    Content & Marketing

  • Kris Kay

    UX / UI

Strategic Investors

  • Sam Zaid


  • Bill Gross


  • Adam Goldstein