Connect Your Financial Apps to the Blockchain World

Cone is a universal API to connect your financial apps to any blockchain, exchange or smart contract

Cone makes blockchain accessible and

Blockchain is a paradigm shift in computing. At its core, blockchain allows for the immutable, transparent and decentralized transmission and storage of critical data.

With Cone, developers are able to harness the core values of blockchain technology and seamlessly integrate these values into centralized applications.

Whether you’re looking for granular cryptocurrency trading data to help take your investment strategies to the next level, or trying to find complex historical data from some of the world’s leading blockchains—Cone is for you.

Easy to Use

Easily connect blockchain with centralized applications.


Access to cryptocurrency trade and order book data from more than 100 exchanges.


Accurate trading market and blockchain network data.


Enterprise-grade API with guaranteed uptime.

What We Offer

Cone has developed a suite of software products with the aim of becoming a universal platform for blockchain connectivity.


Our Pricing API is the single source of truth providing up to the second historical pricing information on cryptocurrencies. We support more than 15,000+ cryptocurrency pairs.


Our Exchange Connectivity API allows users to easily connect with cryptocurrency exchanges and get orderbook and trade data. We currently support 130+ exchanges which covers 90% of the trading volume.


Our Blockchain Connectivity API allows users to retrieve transaction data from any blockchain. We currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and Stellar and will be adding more blockchains on an ongoing basis.

{ A Glimpse of our API }

The Core database currently holds more than 40 TB of raw and preprocessed market data available

Over 130+ Exchanges Supported

Connect to more than 130 cryptocurrency exchanges with the Cone API. There are numerous inconsistencies plaguing the hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, including various API response formats and conflicting ticker symbols. The Cone API is here to fix these problems by removing the complexities typically associated with exchange connectivity.

Supporting Leading Blockchains

With the Cone Blockchain Connectivity API, developers can access transaction data for any blockchain. Our API provides developer tools such as webhooks, analytics, and reporting for monitoring transactions, wallets, and smart contracts for the world’s leading blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and Stellar.

What the BaApp?

Blockchain-aware applications or “BaApps” are bridging the gap between centralized applications and fully-decentralized blockchain environments, allowing for seamless connectivity.

We make it easy for developers to connect to a wide variety of blockchains and provide real-time access to valuable on-chain information.

Create the future of BaApps

We make it easy for centralized applications to integrate blockchain technology with our suite of innovative APIs.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Leverage crypto exchange data and price/order history for backtesting strategies.

Loan Analysis

Use smart contracts to make intelligent decisions for loan approvals and secure loans.

Multi-Vertical Application

Frictionless supply chain management, healthcare, automated governance and more.

Personal Finance

Empower management of personal crypto holdings with support for different wallet types.

Peer-to-Peer Payments

Easily move money and pay for services across international boundaries.

What Will You Create?

Learn how to build your free BaApp today.